Yoga Can Help You Balance Your Work and Life

Type 'balance' in your search engine, and you will find image after image of yogis in an array of graceful poses. Yoga is the epitome of balance. A regular yoga practice will contribute to your work-life balance in many ways.  

Resistance to stress

It is almost impossible to avoid stress in today’s always-on culture. But yoga can reduce its effects significantly by helping you relax your body, clear your mind, and focus on yourself and your own needs for the duration of the practice. Regular yoga practice increases the levels of serotonin in the body, which promotes positive outlook and curbs feelings of depression, inadequacy, and sadness. 

Better health

A growing body of research shows that yoga improves cardiovascular and respiratory health, helps manage back pain, and boosts the immune system. When you feel better, you have the energy to be present fully with what requires your attention here and now. Yoga allows you to be more efficient at work and more loving with your family. When you see evidence of how the relatively small decision of practicing yoga can affect your wellbeing, you will be willing to introduce other small changes into your lifestyle and attract vibrant health. 

Better sleep

When you are overworked, overstretched and out of balance, your sleep suffers. You may go to bed late, have a hard time falling asleep or wake up in the middle of the night worrying about all the things you need to do. Practicing yoga on a regular basis improves a variety of sleep characteristics, including sleep quality and how quickly you fall asleep. Your session does not have to be immediately before bed (in fact, if you are practicing at night, stick to gentle yoga). Doing yoga at any time that works for you will have a positive effect on your sleep patterns. 

Understanding balance

Through balancing poses in yoga, you get to explore balance, and what it means to you. You will find that you need to keep your gaze focused on a still point. You will notice that you are never standing still, but rather experiencing constant micro-shifts, which your body adjusts to moment by moment. When you practice balancing within the safe boundaries of the mat, you will find it easier to reach for those same skills when your work and life situations require it. 


While your practice may help develop your ability to twist yourself into a pretzel, the purpose of yoga is not to get into difficult poses. It is more important to notice what you learn about yourself as you practice. When you get to know yourself, you become better equipped to make balanced choices that are in tune with who you are at your core.