Self-Worth and Your Happiness

Could improving your sense of self-worth be the key to making you happier? According to experts the answer is yes!

Many studies have been carried out over the years which have discovered self-worth and happiness often go hand in hand. Those who are comfortable within themselves tend to feel a lot happier than those who aren’t.

Here, we’ll look at how self-worth contributes to happiness and the steps you can take to improve it.

How does Self-Worth Impact Happiness?

If you have low self-worth, you’ll often think negatively about yourself. This negativity can spiral, leaving you feeling extremely unhappy. When you have a high self-worth on the other hand, you’ll experience fewer negative thoughts, increasing your happiness.

Healthy self-worth encourages freedom to simply be yourself. You won’t care what others think, you’ll be naturally more confident, and you’ll feel comfortable in your own skin. 

Will Improving my Self-Worth Make me Happy?

So, if self-worth is linked to happiness, does that mean if you improve it you’ll automatically become happier? The short answer is yes. However, improving your self-worth alone may not make you totally happy.

There’s a lot of factors which influence happiness and self-worth is just one of them. So, improving it will definitely make you happier, but you may need to work on other things to in order to be truly happy. 

How Can I Improve my Self-Worth?

There’s lots of ways you can give your self-worth a little boost. You can start by creating a mantra.

It may seem simple, but repeating your mantra every day, maybe even several times a day, can do wonders for your self-worth. It could be something like “Every day I am a better version of myself”. Repeat it in your mind at least 10 times. Over time, you’ll start to notice this mantra automatically makes you feel more positive about yourself.

Identifying the positive things about yourself can also help. This can be difficult during tough times but practicing gratitude towards yourself is crucial to self-worth. It could be that on the bad days, you’re simply grateful to your body for keeping you alive. Whatever positive things you can find about yourself, write them down each day and really take them in.

Finally, another great tip to improve self-worth is to help others. When you help other people, it’s a fantastic feeling. It can really make you feel so much better about yourself and who you are when you give to others. Why not try volunteering or simply trying to do something nice for someone every day?

Improving your self-worth isn’t a miracle cure to happiness. However, it’s definitely a good starting block to work on. Feeling better about yourself will reduce negativity and set you up for a happier life.