Keep Your Goals Manageable

Many people fail to reach their goal because they lose motivation…


…it feels too hard or just too big, and they have no idea how to approach it. 


You can avoid this by breaking down that big life goal into smaller, more achievable steps. 


You wouldn’t try to climb Mount Everest by flying straight to Kathmandu and expecting to get to the top in one afternoon.   Accomplishing a big goal needs and deserves some careful planning, so you’re building success one step at a time. 


By chunking it down into smaller bits, your big goal becomes a logical set of smaller goals, all manageable and all doable. You still have the challenge of meeting your goal, running that marathon, or getting that promotion, but it’s not overwhelming. 


The additional bonus of setting smaller sub-goals is that you start to build a cycle of success. Daily, weekly, and monthly achievement reinforces your brain’s positive feedback loop and builds your self-confidence


Regular small wins add up to a big win and achieving your goal.