Are You the Victim of Your Own Failures?

Most of us have been conditioned to fear failure. We have been told that failure is not an option, that to fail is unacceptable. But, this type of thinking ignores the valuable role that failure plays in our lives. If you are allowing your failures to control you, and you have become a victim to your setbacks, it is time to change your mindset. 


A Growth Mindset


When you embrace a growth mindset, you can see that failure is a significant part of learning. After all, trial and error is a legitimate form of learning, with the “error” being the most critical part. If you try something and it doesn’t work, then you have new information you did not have before. Failure represents new learning that you can apply to your future attempts. 


A growth mindset also allows you to learn more quickly from mistakes. When you have a mentality that embraces mistakes as learning experiences, you more promptly apply this new knowledge to solving the problem laid before you. 


A Fixed Mindset


When you have a fixed mindset, you become a victim to your failures. You do not believe you can improve or grow and that failures represent reasons why you should stop trying to succeed. How can you tell if your mindset is fixed? Here are some signs to look for: 


  • You give up easily, especially when trying new things.
  • You think that any failure on your part is a sign you lack intelligence.
  • You often ignore or discredit constructive criticism offered to you.
  • When you succeed, you see it as an affirmation of your inherent intelligence.
  • You actively avoid failure at all costs.
  • You are resistant to challenges.
  • When you see others succeed, you feel threatened.


These behaviors and thought patterns affect your decisions and whether you achieve your goals in life. Your fixed mindset, which places you in the role of victim to your own failures, is preventing you from becoming the person you want to be and from doing what you most value in this world.


You are at risk of not reaching your full potential in life. But it is not too late.