Everything You Desire

Whenever you think or whenever you feel, whenever you speak, whenever you act, or whatever might be happening in your life, your supreme idea ought to be that you're above it all, superior to it all, and have command of it all. You merely must take this higher ground in all action, thought and consciousness before you may control yourself and direct, for practical purposes, the forces you have. 


Whenever you find someone who's doing something worthwhile, who's creating an impression, who's moving forward toward greater and better things, you find the individuality strong, positive and highly developed. It's therefore absolutely essential that you give your best attention to the development of a strong, positive identity if you wish to succeed in the world.


A negative or weak individuality commonly gets only what others decide to give, but a firm, strong, positive, well-developed individuality, in reality controls the ship of their life and destiny, and eventually will gain possession of what they want. 


To develop individuality, the first crucial is to give “the ego" its true and lofty position in your mind. Whenever you consider yourself, consider yourself as being and living and acting in the masterful attitude. Make each desire positive, each feeling positive, each thought positive, and each action of mind positive. To make your wishes distinct and positive, you’ll also tend to give strength and positivism to your identity.


To become successful, think what you want to think, regardless what your surroundings might suggest; and continue to think what you wish to think till that particular line of thought or action has been completed. 


Desire what you wish to desire and impress that desire so deeply on consciousness that it can't possibly be disturbed by those foreign desires that surroundings might suggest; and continue to express that desire with all the life and power that's in you till you get what you want.


We all must admit that there's more in man than what is commonly expressed in the average individual. We might differ as to how much more, but we must concur that the more should be developed, expressed and applied in everyone.