Our Mission & Values

Making Life Awesome

Our mission at LifeStreams Academy is to help individuals to do just that, to explain their existence, to discover their true purpose and to define their happiness and success on their own terms.

At LifeStreams, we believe the most important discovery any individual can make is that of TRUE self. It is only through that discovery process in which we will achieve a life of fulfillment.

“There are powers inside of you which, if you could discover and use, would make of you everything you ever dreamed or imagined you could become.”

Orison Swett Marden

At LifeStreams, we strive through each of our “real Life” changing courses to assist others to improve their lives, deliver hope, belief, and to achieve the ultimate goal in making each life incredibly awesome!

The Big Picture

At LifeStreams, we believe in Personal Power and that in each one of us lies the amazing ability to change our life experience, to enrich our life and the life’s of those around us, and to drive positive change in our world. While these may seem like lofty goals, we believe that each one of us can and has the ability of making such change.

Today, all around us a shift in action is taking place. Many people are awakening to a World of new possibilities.

Secret Awakening

What are your possibilities? Big question, but have you given it much thought? Most of us have heard about the incredibly successful book called ”The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. The Secret has caused a stir within the way most of us perceive ourselves and our world.

At LifeStreams we believe the magic of the secret is the amazing power of you. When you begin to see yourself as extraordinary, you will be extraordinary and live an extraordinary life.

Our Master Courses are professionally developed to improve lives, it’s about seeing who you really are, it’s about discovering the unlimited possibilities of you.

Beyond The Mind

Beyond the mind is where you will find your TRUE self. What you believe about yourself is only a belief. Our beliefs are not the Truth. Most of our belief are those belief of others passed on from parents, teachers and so on.

Let go of what you believe and experience more of the truth about yourself. The more we discover about ourselves and awaken to our TRUE self, the more we will grow. The secret to having it all is all about YOU. Our courses will help you start to reveal the source of your genius, your inspiration, and your greatness.

Open your mind to the secret power within. Tap into the real you and open your mind to all the possibilities of you. You have everything you need. If you wish to acquire abundance without, you must first reveal the abundance of the you within. All it takes is YOU!

Pay It Forward

Delivering our specific gifts to the world is the only job we really have.

At LifeStreams, we believe it's the responsibility of awaking individuals to pay it forward. We believe we are all on the road to positive change and that we have an inherent connection to one another, to our planet and to the Divine.

On our journey of self discovery, we should strive to reach out with compassion rather than judgment. We must help others heal from their pain, rather than amplifying their pain. We should strive to understand rather than condemn. It helps to remember that each of us is simply expressing what we believe to be truth. Thus, those in pain will express pain. Theirs is not a choice to do harm, but simply the painful result of holding to belief.

At Lifestreams, we love this work as it fits so well with our unique personalities and skills. Each of our Master Courses are geared toward shifting consciousness to ensure lasting change. When you see yourself as more you will have more. You owe it to yourself to live the life of your dreams that is meant for you.